Komodo Island Indonesia: Public Park and Mythical serpent Visit…

komodo island

Komodo Island Indonesia: Public Park and Mythical Serpent Visit…


The Komodo island in Indonesia is famous for being home to the beastly Komodo dragons (the world’s biggest lizard), and it’s an incredibly scenic place with lots of other ‘bucket list’ travel experiences.

The UNESCO-designated Komodo National Park has dozens of islands with white and pink sand beaches, exotic mountains for trekking, and coral reefs for diving, and it’s the only place in the world where you can see Komodo dragons up close in the wild and get your picture taken with them!

Since Indonesia is our second home, we’ve done the Komodo island tour a bunch of times over the years and it’s always amazing. One of the great things about Komodo’s gateway town, Labuan Bajo, is that it’s not far from Bali and it’s easy to reach with a short flight from there.

Komodo Island is currently open for tourism in 2023!

This Komodo island travel guide and map will explain how to get there, where to stay, what to do, the best tour packages, and everything else you need to know before you go!


komodo island



Where Could Komodo Island be?


Komodo Island is essential for the Komodo Public Park, a gathering of tropical islands found simply off the shore of Flores, in east Indonesia.

The nearest city is the fishing town of Labuan Bajo in Flores, which has its air terminal and a lot of lodgings and eateries in the middle between visits to the recreation area.

Komodo Island The most effective method to Get To  Indonesia


The best way to visit Komodo Island and the remainder of the public park is on a boat visit from Labuan Bajo, where the air terminal is found. You can’t travel to Komodo Island straightforwardly.

There are a lot of trips to Labuan Bajo Air Terminal (LBJ) consistently from Bali, with a 1 hour flight time and a few carriers offering ticket costs as low as USD 40.

Getting to Komodo Island from Bali is more straightforward than at any time in recent memory now that AirAsia flies between them a few times each week. You can search for trips to Labuan Bajo on Skyscanner.

The Komodo islands are situated around 40 kilometers (25 miles) from Labuan Bajo straight from one point to the other, and the excursion regularly requires 3 hours with a sluggish boat or not exactly a portion of that with a speedboat.

You can take out every one of the top sights of Komodo Public Park (counting the mythical serpents) in one entire day visit, or it’s feasible to remain in a liveaboard boat and endure a few days touring!


Komodo Islands Step by Step-by-step Instructions to Get Around The Komodo Islands

The three boat types for investigating the Komodo islands are slow boats, speedboats, or liveaboard boats. Slow boat is the least expensive choice, and it’s ordinarily utilized for day visits, however, you do burn through a ton of time on the way since it’s simply so darn sluggish. Speedboat is a lot quicker and more effective, yet it’s a lot more costly.


Where To Remain In Komodo

There are no lodgings on Komodo Island. The lodgings and convenience are all in the close by town of Labuan Bajo.

You can track down lodgings and convenience in Labuan Bajo to suit all financial plans, from explorer to extravagance.

We’ve incorporated a portion of our Komodo Inn proposals underneath.


Best Activities In Komodo Public Park


komodo island


• Padar Island

The most picturesque perspective of Komodo Indonesia is on the little island of Padar. It’s a short brief climb to the top, and you’re compensated with likely quite possibly of the best view in Southeast Asia.

This resembles a Jurassic Park scene. The island has a monster X shape, with three narrows where you can see a white ocean side, dark ocean side, and pink ocean side.

Every one of those sand tones is exceptional in itself, yet to see every one of them in a single spot is insane.


• Pink Oceanside

The Komodo islands are home to a few pink sand sea shores! The variety comes from small creatures in the coral called foraminifera.

Pink sea shores are extremely uncommon, and there are just a small bunch of them around the world. The one with the most splendid variety is concealed in a straight on the north side of Padar Island.


Komodo Island Understand More: Pink Oceanside 


• Komodo Mythical Beast Journey

The principal fascination of Komodo Indonesia is getting to see the winged serpents themselves in nature! The Komodo Public Park is the main spot in existence where you can do this.

For this piece of the visit, you’ll go shorewards at one of the two principal islands where the winged serpents reside in Indonesia (Rinca or Komodo Island) and do a short trip searching for mythical beasts while joined by a recreation area officer. The journeying way is level and reasonable for all wellness levels.

For touring, there’s very little distinction between Rinca Island and Komodo Island, and many visits utilize these areas conversely. There are a lot of Komodo-winged serpents living on one or the other island.

You’re nearly ensured to see a couple of mythical beasts (all things considered, it’s Komodo winged serpent island), and the aides assist you with canning even taking pictures with them! It’s an astonishing encounter getting to see these creatures very closely.

How would they chase?

Komodo mythical beasts can smell blood from just about 10 kilometers (6 miles) and they can run in eruptions of accelerate to 20 kilometers each hour (12 mph). Dinosaurs!


What do they eat?

A blend of deer, hogs, monkeys, birds, goats, wild ponies, and water bison. Their number one food is the deer (Javan Rusa). 


Do they go after people?

Indeed, however once in a long while. The winged serpents don’t consider us food. Under twelve individuals have been killed by them in the beyond 50 years, and the casualties were all local people in the town of Komodo mythical serpent island, living in closeness to the creatures.


Are there Komodo-winged serpents in Bali?

No, there aren’t any wild Komodo-winged serpents in Bali. 


Are there Komodo mythical serpents in the Galapagos islands?

No, there aren’t any Komodo mythical serpents beyond Indonesia besides in zoos. The reptiles in the Galapagos islands of Ecuador are marine iguanas, not Komodos. Entirely unexpected creature. They’re a lot more modest and tamer.


komodo island


Komodo Journeying FAQ
Is it safe?

Indeed, simply remain near your aide and you shouldn’t have any issues. The main travelers that have at any point been gone after by mythical serpents were journeying alone without an aide.


How simple is it to see mythical serpents?

You’re essentially ensured to see winged serpents, even on the short trip, since there are a huge number of them living on Komodo and Rinca. I’ve done the journey a lot of times, and I saw loads of mythical serpents without fail. Photograph operations aplenty!


Are the mythical serpents quieted?

No, the mythical serpents are in no way, shape or form calmed! You’d need to rest too in the wake of eating a whole deer. The mythical beasts are most dynamic in the first part of the day, yet prefer to chill around mid-afternoon.


Might I at any point contact them?

No chance! The photographs in this sightseeing blog where we’re very close to the Komodo mythical beasts are viewpoint pics.


What else might I at any point see?

Assuming you’re fortunate on the trip, you can likewise see Komodo homes, child-winged serpents, uncommon cases, snakes, insects, and that’s just the beginning. Snake species incorporate the spitting cobra and island pet snake.


Do I have to tip?

Tipping isn’t standard in Indonesia, yet on the off chance that your aide takes great pictures for you, a little tip is surely valued.


More Activities In Komodo


Manta Point: Astonishing place where you can swim with goliath manta beams in the sea. They’re somewhat modest yet not hazardous by any stretch of the imagination.

Taka Makassar: This is a little bow-molded shoal close to Manta Point. Taka Makassar has wonderful white sand and completely clear water.

Kelor Island: A ton of Komodo visits stop at this island since it’s near Labuan Bajo. It has a slope you can move for a pleasant perspective on Flores Island.

Scuba Jumping: Komodo Indonesia is popular for its a-list swimming and scuba plunging. You can see dazzling coral reefs and loads of submerged untamed life here.

Labuan Bajo: Remember to invest some energy in investigating the town of Labuan Bajo and its environmental elements. There are a lot of beneficial activities close to Labuan Bajo. I’ll cover those independently from this Komodo Island travel guide.


Komodo Island Guide

Here is a Komodo island map showing all the plunge destinations and primary areas of interest. You can tap on the picture to see it greater.


Is Komodo Open Or Shut?

In 2019, the public authority of Indonesia declared plans to close Komodo Island for the extended time of 2020 to chip away at preservation and restoration.

It just so happens, that the Komodo Public Park was shut in any case for very nearly a half year in 2020 due to the Coronavirus pandemic, yet the recreation area returned in August 2020. We visited the islands again in 2021 and lived it up.

You can peruse more about this in the segment beneath.

Komodo Island is authoritatively open to the travel industry!


Komodo Extra charge

The Komodo Public Park has a mistaking ticket framework for a lot of various extra charges that you pay in a little stall at Padar. Here are a portion of the fundamental charges:

Public Park Entry Ticket (Mon-Sat): 150k IDR (USD 10)
Public Park Entry Ticket (Sundays and Nat. Occasions): 250k IDR ($17)
Revenge For Amusement and Sports: 100k IDR ($7)
Padar Entry Ticket: 150k IDR ($10)

New Extra charge? (2023)

In June 2022, it was reported that Indonesia wanted to raise the Komodo extra charge to 3.75 million Rupiah (USD 250) per individual, and cut off park guests to 200,000 every year.

Most vacationers who visit Komodo are not ultra-rich, and to roll out a significant improvement like this with such a surprising bit of news was extremely rude of park guests and no doubt would’ve been a final knockout to the nearby organizations in Labuan Bajo too.

Close to the furthest limit of 2022, there was some more discussion about raising the Komodo extra charge unnecessarily, which should occur on January 1, 2023.

I’ll refresh this Komodo travel guide if we get any more new data. industry.


Komodo sculpture park


Other Komodo Tips


ATM: There are bunches of ATM decisions spread around Labuan Bajo town. BNI worked perfectly as far as we can tell.

Visas: A few spots acknowledge cards now, yet many don’t. It’s great to save a touch of money helpful for dinners, taxis, and such.

Cell Administration: Telkomsel has a great 4G gathering in Labuan Bajo, Komodo, and, surprisingly, a portion of the halfway islands.

Cafés: There are heaps of good places to eat in Labuan Bajo. A few decent eateries to look at are Green Cherry, Baccalá, and La Cucina.

Transportation: Labuan Bajo town on Flores is little and simple to get around.

Language: local people in Flores and Komodo speak Bahasa Indonesia and a tad of English that they’ve had the option to get from vacationers.

Mosquitoes: As per this Lancet study from 2018, Jungle fever cases are uncommon and diminishing in Flores and the Komodo islands. I’ve never known about a traveler getting Jungle fever from mosquitoes in Komodo.

Drones: The Komodo park officers don’t permit anybody to fly a robot at Padar Island any longer except if you pay an extreme expense of 1 million Rupiah (USD 70). There are far to get around this assuming you’re inventive.



komodo island


Best Opportunity To Visit Komodo

The best opportunity to visit Komodo Indonesia truly relies upon what you’re searching for.

You can see the mythical beasts lasting through the year. The prime jumping season is Walk to October.

The grass tone at Komodo changes with the seasons. By April or May, the grass variety begins to become yellow. In the late spring and fall (July to November), the islands are very dry and the grass is all brown.

The view and mythical beasts are fantastic at whatever long stretch of the year, so paying little heed to when you go, you’re certain to have an entirely important outing. Cheerful voyages!


Best Komodo Island Visit/Roadtrip

This speedboat visit remembers the top sights for Komodo like Padar Island, the Pink Oceanside, and the Komodo Mythical serpent journey, and their costs are extremely serious in light of what we’ve seen being cited for comparable visits in Labuan Bajo. The Internet-based surveys are positive as well.

We’ve involved Klook in bunches of visits and exercises all over the planet, and they’re perfect! Strongly suggested.


Book Now: Komodo Island Visit/Roadtrip


Where To Remain In Labuan Bajo


Eventual Fate of Komodo The travel industry

The eventual fate of Komodo the travel industry is as yet unsure.

Komodo mythical beasts are astounding creatures.

More Things To See Close to Komodo Indonesia

There are loads of other extraordinary activities close to Komodo Indonesia assuming have the opportunity.

The Kelimutu Public Park has a threesome of vivid volcanic lakes in focal Flores, and you can see it without doing any climbing.

On the other hand, to skirt the Flores excursion and simply go straightforwardly from Komodo to Kelimutu, you can fly straightforwardly from Labuan Bajo to the Ende Air terminal (ENE) and visit Kelimutu from that point. That flight requires 1 hour and expenses about USD 60.


Understand More: Best Islands To Visit In Indonesia



My Indonesia Travel Guide


Gratitude for looking! I genuinely want to believe that you partook in this movement guide for Komodo Island Indonesia.

Seeing mythical beasts on the Komodo visit was one of the most mind-blowing pieces of our visit to Flores, Indonesia.

Remember to look at my total Indonesia Travel Guide with additional free tips, data, and photographs!

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