Seram Island Travel Guide: & Ora Beach (Maluku, Indonesia)…

The most effective method to Get To Seram Island

Travel Guide in Maluku is one of the best-guarded bits of information about Indonesia.  The delightful Ora Beach Resort has views like Bora, and a large portion of the island is still somewhat negligible.

This movement guide will clear up how to get to Ora Beach, where to remain, the best activities nearby, and all the other things you want to be aware of before you go!

Getting there is very much an excursion, with a few stages included.

Presently, there’s no dynamic airport on Seram Island, so you can’t yet fly there. The closest airport is Pitampura Global Airport in Ambon (AMQ), which has non-stop flights from Jakarta, Makassar, Ternary, Sarong, and different spots in Indonesia. You can look for flights on Skyscanner.

Here, you’ll get a quick ferry to Amaya port on Seram island. The boats are old, however agreeable, and require around 2 hours to get to Mihai.









The most effective method to Get To Ora Beach In Seram Island

Once you arrive at Seram Island, the next stage is getting to Salesman Village and Ora Beach. It requires around 2 hours to drive from Amaya to Salesmen, and a picturesque wilderness street twists through the mountains.

Your lodging in Ora or Salesman can arrange for a vehicle and driver to get you to Amaya and carry you to the cove. Our guesthouse associated us with a well-disposed driver named Rudi, who dealt with our exchange to Salesman village and back.

Once you arrive in Salesman Village, you can get to Ora Beach by boat in only 10 minutes. The guesthouse where we remained in Salesman had half-day boat visits to Ora Beach Resort for 350k Rupiah per boat, or you could do an entire day visit to a few spots nearby for 900k per boat.

Ora Beach Resort was formerly the best spot to stay in Seram, but it seems like things have changed for the worst recently. When it opened in 1997, this was Salesman’s first hotel.

Although the scenery and bungalows at Ora Beach Resort are lovely, I’ve recently read some rather negative complaints concerning the resort’s poor upkeep following the COVID incident. The cottages there seem to be completely dilapidated and collapsing. Instead, stay at one of the locations around Salesman Village.

Ora Beach is one of the top attractions in Seram, Indonesia.
The breathtakingly gorgeous Ora Beach is one of Seram Island’s primary draws. The mountains in the distance and the view of the overwater bungalows are breathtaking, reminiscent of French Polynesia.

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